Massey High School Testimonial

For some of our students this experience was their first trip out of West Auckland, thus making what they did and learned that much more valuable to them…their time with Hillary Outdoors is such a platform for building resilience, gaining new knowledge and setting future goals…For one of our students, a sense of confidence and passion for outdoor education was sparked. She has not stopped talking about her week away, and has started researching the qualifications she can gain over the next few years to pursue a career in Outdoor Education. Prior to his camp, this student had exceptional leadership potential, but was at-risk of not even returning to school next year. She now intends to pursue the academic goals necessary to achieve success as an instructor and inspire others in a similar way. As a teacher it is a fantastic moment when a student finds their potential right before your eyes. We are so grateful to Hillary Outdoors and our funders for allowing opportunities like this to trigger passion for achievement, success and life in our students.

Laura Swan

Gifted and Talented Programme Co-ordinator

Massey High School