Spotlight on sponsor – Genesis Energy

9-genisis-energyWe are very grateful for the continued support from our sponsor, Genesis Energy. Genesis Energy is one of Hillary Outdoors’ biggest sponsors, and without their support, we wouldn’t be able to do some of what we do.

Genesis Energy sponsors two different kayak courses targeted towards students from schools in Ruapehu, Taumarunui, Turangi and Taupo, which are areas that have Genesis Energy Power Schemes. For more information, contact us.

As well as supporting local youth to attend these courses, the Kayak Fund also provides funding for equipment such as helmets, and we currently have some inflatable kayaks on the way!

Genesis Energy are also involved in our Community Sponsorship Programme by sponsoring students on Hillary Step Scholarships. Genesis Energy is giving back to the community by helping more Kiwi Kids receive Hillary Step Scholarships, allowing students who wouldn’t normally be able to attend one of our programmes, have a Hillary Outdoors experience.

The Genesis Energy Hillary Challenge Final is the toughest adventure competition for students in high school. Genesis Energy has been an official sponsor of this event since it started 16 years ago – 96 students participate in the final every year.

A huge thank you to Genesis Energy. We really appreciate all your support, and look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.