Tongariro Centre Update – Summer is coming!


Tongariro Centre Manager, Janet Prior (pictured to the left) wraps up her final thoughts for the year…


Well, it seems like summer has finally arrived after a long, cold and very wet spring.


Matamata students enjoying another wet day in paradise!

Mind you, “every cloud has a silver lining” – the unseasonal weather has meant that the mountain is still plastered in snow and makes for stunning views and plenty of “white stuff” still left for the groups visiting us this summer to enjoy.

We can look back at a very successful winter. Ski days as usual were a real hit and not only did the good weather seem to correspond with our Tuesday ski days, but also we didn’t have any significant injuries on the ski field which sometimes can go hand in hand with learning to ski!

Don’t forget if you are planning a ski day for your next winter booking make sure you tell Kerry as early as possible and get all the paperwork back to her on time so that she can book you a good slot with the ski school…

For those of you wanting to get out there on some of your own adventures in the snow, we ran a series of one day avalanche awareness courses and a five day back country avalanche course during winter. We will be doing the same again next year, so keep an eye on this page of our website for dates and availability for 2017.

Clients on the one day avalanche awareness course

Clients on the one day avalanche awareness course

We have now turned our attention to enjoying the summer weather and the skis have gone away and the water gear is coming out.

We are excited to announce that we are getting a fleet of inflatable kayaks to use with some of our senior students on the Tongariro River. These boats were generously sponsored by Genesis Energy and we are looking forward to some staff training in January before we introduce them as a new activity soon after that for appropriate groups.

With the summer break fast approaching we can look back on 2016 proudly; we have had record numbers of students visit us this year and some lovely feedback from you all. Check out some new testimonials here.

So may I take this opportunity to thank my staff team at Tongariro for being such a great bunch of people to work with, the Auckland team for supporting us and most of all for all the programme participants and accompanying adults who have visited us this year; you have been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Lastly, just to let you all know that Mike Brenton, our Programme Manager, will be retiring at the beginning of next year. Mike has been at Hillary Outdoors for 15 years both as an instructor and most recently as Programme Manager and has worked in the outdoors for over 40 years.  Thank you to Mike for everything he has done and his 100% commitment to the Tongariro Centre. We will all miss his incredible attention to detail (and not so much his bad jokes!) and wish him all the best for his retirement.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a relaxing summer break and looking forward to seeing you all again in 2017 for some more learning through adventure.