Register interest now for Pub Charities Leadership Programme 2018

Gemma_Parkin_2_Hillary Outdoors_LRHillary Outdoors Great Barrier Island Centre Manager, Gemma Parkin, updates us on what’s been happening at the Centre lately…

Awkward dancing, 4am starts, inspiring presentations, creek trips by torch light, adventure and new friends…. It must be the Pub Charity Leadership Programme!
Thanks to the 30 fabulous student leaders from around New Zealand that joined us in January to explore the wonderful world of leadership. The week was full of quality discussions and debates along with a good splash of challenge and pressure to make sure these leaders got to put their skills to the test.
So often with youth we practice leadership in situations where team members are very helpful and obliging. This programme aimed to add some realism through a few curve balls and surprises. All of the leaders involved rose to the challenge creating a wonderful week of learning and memories.
Below is some of their feedback, we’re looking forward to (and plotting for) 2018 already. To reserve a spot for 21 – 26 January at Great Barrier Island register your interest. (Note that there is also a Pub Charity Leadership Programme being held the same week at Hillary Outdoors Tongariro).

What did this year’s students learn or find valuable?

  • “It is sometimes those insignificant moments that can have the greatest impact in someone else’s world“
  • “How to take a step into the unknown with courage and learn from that experience”
  • “Self-talk is the key to finishing any task, whether it be small or big you’re more capable than you know”
  • “I learnt to appreciate all the different leadership styles because I was able to see in action how good they were for different things”
  • “To focus on the small things that make a big difference in people lives”
  • “The 2nd half of the overnight …helped me to see how I work/lead/cooperate when under pressure or in tired conditions, it helped me to see my strengths and my weaknesses”
  • “The culture talk expanded my idea of what leadership can be”
  • “It helped me to realise the value of ‘lollipop moments’ small things you do that have a profound effect on someone else’s life”
  • “We were pushed to the limit physically which helped us to work together as a team and use our strengths”
  • “The session on leadership styles was extremely useful as it could actually be applied throughout the week in order to improve the teamwork”
  • “Working in a small team this week was an awesome opportunity to learn more about the dynamics of a small group, lead a group and see what the most effective way to work together was”

Take a look at this clip made by Max, a student who attended the programme at Hillary Outdoors GBI from Canterbury Home Educators Group…