Peel Forest Outdoor Centre Partnership

We are delighted to be partnering with Peel Forest Outdoor Centre to help offer more young people an outdoor education experience with greater nationwide access.

Peel Forest is situated in Canterbury, a pristine South Island location that is very central and will enable significant numbers of young people to benefit from an outdoor education experience. The Centre offers similar benefits to our existing Centres at Tongariro and on Great Barrier Island; providing wonderful opportunities for young people to learn from adventurous activities and develop an appreciation of our great outdoors.

As a leader within the outdoor education sector, we see it as our responsibility to support other smaller organisations within the sector and this partnership is consistent with our board’s aims to achieve national coverage. We are also very aware that some of our major partners such as Genesis Energy and Torpedo 7 have national businesses and we believe it will be to our advantage to also have operations based in the South Island.

Whilst it is still early days in the establishment of this relationship, we have found a number of areas where we can provide support to the trustees and staff of the Peel Forest Outdoor Centre including:

  • Safety – we will share our safety management system with Peel Forest and support them in their safety reviews, audits and registration;
  • Events – we will run events at Peel Forest, starting with our Genesis Energy Hillary Challenge South Island qualifying competition which will be held in the Peel Forest/Geraldine area on 28th May;
  • Programmes – we will help Peel Forest establish a core 5-day programme on the basis that we have been running such programmes since the early 1970’s and did so for almost 5,000 young people in 2016;
  • Marketing – we will share our marketing collateral with Peel Forest and help them with their approach to marketing to schools, for example we are both looking to market to schools to attract international students during the October school holidays so we can support Peel Forest by sharing the development of that marketing material;
  • Staff – we will welcome Peel Forest staff to visit our Centres and we will be happy to send staff to Peel Forest;
  • Training – we will support staff training initiatives, and the collaboration of skills and resources between centres;
  • Education – we will work with Peel Forest to help them strengthen the link between their programmes and the NZ Curriculum in the area of learning outcomes which may also include offering unit standards to students/schools.

We will also be able to help with funding opportunities, but our relationship does not include Hillary Outdoors providing any direct funding or taking over of the organisation or its trust.
This is a very exciting opportunity for Hillary Outdoors as we look to move positively forward for the benefit of young New Zealanders.