Flying start for Great Barrier Island Centre This Year


Great Barrier Island Centre Manager Gemma Parkin (pictured left) tells us about how the year on the island has got off to a great start…

Happy New Year from the team on Great Barrier Island. Our year is off to a flying start with over 40 amazing student leaders from around the country joining us in January for the Pub Charity Student Leadership Week.

Student Leadership Week 2018This week long programme aims to build each students ‘leadership tool box’ with techniques and knowledge to enable a successful year in their leadership role back at school.

After a few days of building up these skills, students are put to the test via a two-day leadership journey. Each student receives feedback from their instructor and peers to help them continue to grow in the future.

Here’s what a few of this year participants had to say about their week:

 “From 3am to gale force winds and pouring rain, our ability to work as a group and lead was properly tested, and the different skills that I was forced to use is something that I plan to use in my leadership. As a house leader the culture lesson will be something that I will find incredibly useful in my development as a leader. The importance of culture within a team is something that I will never forget.”

Sam Smith, St Peters

“In terms of my personal development, I’ve learnt that I am capable of so much more than I think I am; that I can and will push my limits and expand my comfort zone; that I can persevere even in tough conditions. These learnings have given me confidence in my personal abilities and also my ability to lead.

Student Leadership week 2018_kayak I think these learnings will be very important in the future as I go through challenging times and serve as strong reminders to myself of my capabilities.

 From our team I leant that surrounding myself with encouraging diverse and determined people will strengthen those traits within myself and that I can work in a range of environments and with a range of people. This will be incredibly important heading into the future as I won’t always be in a team of like-minded people in a comfortable environment, so this experience and its teachings were invaluable.”

Keruma Gibson, St Peters

Do you know someone that would benefit from this amazing week?

Registrations for January 2019 are open, find out more by visiting:

Fundraising Pays Off

GBI long sleeve tshirtThe team were also excited to unload a shiny new double sea kayak off the boat to start the year; purchased using funds from our fundraising T shirts. Thanks to all of the students and staff who have supported the fundraising efforts so far. If you’d like a stylish Great Barrier long sleeved T please order online here. Or, if you know someone who might like to sponsor a boat please get in touch. 1 boat down 19 to go.