Accompanying Adult Roles

Your role in accompanying students

Glenfern-plantingOne of the greatest outcomes of an outdoor programme is the relationships which students form through participation in a community. This includes the relationships between students and teachers, or other accompanying adults. We require accompanying adults to supervise the students between 5pm and 8.30am (with the exception of overnight expeditions) – although our staff support this by running evening activities. We also ask you to support any students who are unable to take part in the programme on a particular day, for example due to sickness. Accompanying adults are not required to be present for any activities. Hillary Outdoors takes full responsibility for your students’ safety during activity times. You are welcome to participate in the programme in any of the following roles:

  • Participant – You participate along with your students as a member of the group. If you choose this option the group will decide on rules at the start of the week to ensure they get to take charge!
  • Observer – Many schools use the opportunity to observe the students in action and make assessments on their leadership skills against NCEA Standards, or for leadership roles back at school.

Our ratios normally allow for one adult to join each group of ten students as a participant or observer.

  • Marking papers back at base – No this is not just an excuse: some schools prefer to let the students get out there with just their Hillary Outdoors instructor, especially during the overnight expedition. Sometimes the students are more willing to stand up and take responsibility without a teacher watching them and teachers love to hear the stories of great adventures when the groups arrive back.
  • Co-instructor / Trainee – Hillary Outdoors works with teachers to assist in their professional development. This can include NZQA registered qualifications. If you are an outdoor education or PE teacher, contact our Quality and Education Manager to find out more.