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We are appealing to businesses, this is your chance to give back

Young people are in the most important years of their life for personal development. It is the time where being physically and mentally challenged is crucial for shaping who they become. Today, technology is a significant part of life, which unfortunately means they are constantly surrounded by it, at the expense of missing out on time in the outdoors.

Hillary Outdoors is a leading provider of outdoor education for students aged 11 – 24. Hillary Outdoors Education Centres are taking young people away from technology and their everyday environment, and encouraging them to try new things, learn more about themselves, and grow as a person. Participants often describe our programmes as “life-changing”.

Sadly however, attending one of our programmes is beyond reach for many young people. This is where you come in. Inspired by Sir Edmund Hillary, Hillary Step Scholarships have been developed to help assist students who would not normally be able to attend such programmes, due to financial or challenging circumstances.

Hillary Step Scholarships are for low decile schools, decile 5 and below, school students who have been recognised by their teachers and peers as “good kiwi kids” and are able to contribute $100 of their own money towards the fees.

We invite you to sponsor Hillary Step Scholarships for a better community…

The scholarships comprise of funding from charitable trusts such as Pub Charity and corporate sponsorships such as yours. For operational reasons, sometimes student funding will be a blend of these sources, however we will ensure that you are aware of which schools have benefited as a result of your financial support.

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Sponsorship package options for different levels of annual investment are detailed in the brochure that can be download via the link below.

Community Sponsorship Programme – Brochure

Community Sponsorship Programme – Application Form

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If you have any more questions, contact us or have a look at the Community Sponsorship Programme – for corporates section on our FAQ page.