Hillary OutdoorsWe’re fortunate to have two inspiring classrooms in Tongariro and Great Barrier Island. Our classrooms are the outdoor environments we work in, and just because your students are away from class doesn’t mean they need to be out of class.

Our team of Programme Managers, Teachers and Outdoor Education specialists are here to help create a programme which supports your learning needs. You can choose from one of our bespoke Hillary Step programmes, including the 5-day Hillary Step programmelong programmes, programmes for international students and programmes focusing on the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award.

We have over 40 years of experience delivering programmes which support both the New Zealand Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Curriculum and can include a range of unit standards or achievement standards.

Here are some useful downloads:

Programmes Overview Booklet

Activity Options at Tongariro Centre Booklet

Activity Options at Great Barrier Island Centre Booklet

Tongariro Student Booklet

Tongariro Adult Booklet

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NZ Curriculum Key Competencies
Here are some of the ways our programmes can support your curriculum delivery:

Thinking: Through problem solving, critical thinking, and the development of new skills, students will be encouraged to think creatively and analyse information to make decisions which will assist themselves and their team in finding success.

Relating to Others: Living, and participating with others in adventurous and challenging environments provides an abundance of opportunities to develop interpersonal skills and increased social awareness. Our skilled team will be there to guide students through the twists and turns of these group dynamics to build a strong and supportive team

Using language symbols and text: Is developed through map reading and navigation, deciphering recipes, reading weather maps, and the way students talk to and interact with others.

Managing Self: A week (or maybe longer) away from parents and the comforts of home is a great way to increase student’s self-management and independence. Our team will help students to reflect on the decisions they make along the way and the impact that these have on themselves and others.

Participating and Contributing: Is a key aspect of all of our programmes with students forming their own community and participating in activities in groups of up to 10. Students will soon learn that everyone brings something of value to the team, and that everyone contributing will help achieve success.

Unit Standards
As a registered accredited provider Hillary Outdoors is able to provide training and/or assessment of a large number of unit standards in the Outdoor Recreation Sub-field, levels 1-6.

We provide teachers with resource packs and PowerPoints to reduce the pressure of preparing teaching materials and can work with you to develop a programme of study which will include classroom work, sessions in your local area and one or more away trips prior to, and whilst at Hillary Outdoors.

Please note, for Unit Standards offered through Hillary Outdoors, as a guideline;

  • Level 1 – suitable for Year 11 students (and in some cases Year 10)
  • Level 2 – suitable for Year 12/Year 13 students
  • Level 3 – suitable for Year 13 (and in some cases Year 12)

One credit is equal to ten hours of notional learning (directed by teachers/instructors), practice (self-directed/on task), and assessment time. And in most cases each credit will be equivalent to 1-2 hours of classroom based time.

A maximum for a 5 day programme is up to two unit standards or 6 credits, and this will require teaching and learning to be completed in school prior to coming to Hillary Outdoors, and also whilst at Hillary Outdoors.

Unit Standard Optionsfor levels 1-3

Achievement Standards
The Hillary Outdoors team are happy to design a programme to assist student learning towards an achievement standard or assist teachers in gathering assessment evidence.

Popular Achievement Objectives include Health and Physical Education:

·         A1 Personal growth and development

·         A2 Regular physical activity

·         A3 Safety management

·         A4 Personal identity

·         B1 Movement skills

·         B2 Positive attitudes

·         B4 Challenges and social and cultural factors

·         D1 Societal attitudes and values

Download a list of commonly used achievement standards

We can also assist in the delivery of standards in subjects such as mathematics, science, geography and English

International Baccalaureate
Our isolated locations and small communities provide a wealth of options for students looking to complete their Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) Project. Our team will be on hand to help students navigate the local area and access resources as they plan a service project which can have a long lasting effect on the environment or people in either Great Barrier Island or Tongariro.

We can also assist with the delivery of other areas of the International Baccalaureate curriculum, adding context and experiential elements to your students learning.