The Hillary Outdoors experience beyond our Centres

Whangarei-Day-5Hillary Outdoors runs some of the most successful Outdoor Adventure Events specifically designed for young people in New Zealand. Our reputation for high quality events has been building since the first one was held in 2001 and our 7000+ likes on Facebook demonstrates our great popularity amongst this audience.

Our events encapsulate what Hillary Outdoors is all about and allow participants to bring our mission and values to life in a very real and tangible way. In an age where many of our youth are hooked on T.V, internet, play-stations and mobile phones, these events deliver an opportunity for them to re-connect with New Zealand’s amazing natural surroundings.

Three different annual event series are organised by our dedicated Events Manager. The two well-established flagship events (The Torpedo7 Hillary Challenge and Get2Go Junior Challenge) involve around 3000 secondary school students participating in heats and final events each year around the country. A third event started in 2016 as a great stepping stone for those that really enjoyed the Get2Go Junior Challenge – the Get2Go Senior Challenge.

Hillary-Challenge-2013_FBkAll of our events involve young people working together in teams, providing a range of positive experiences, where they can participate at their own level. Participation also helps create pathways that will enable them to adopt a healthy attitude towards healthy, physical outdoor activity as well as responsible attitudes towards recreating in the natural environment that can carry forward into their adult lives.

If you’d like to put together some teams in your school, take a look at our Events section and individual events pages for more information about The Torpedo7 Energy Hillary Challenge, Get2Go Junior Challenge and Get2GoSenior Challenge.