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About Hillary Outdoors

Since 1972 the non-profit Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoors Education Trust has been offering life-changing learning through adventure to the young people of New Zealand. Over 150,000 young people from a wide variety of backgrounds have developed vital life skills including self-confidence, resilience, and leadership while benefiting from improved physical and mental wellbeing.

The Hillary Outdoors approach has been independently assessed by Auckland University of Technology, who found that participants in Hillary Outdoors programmes improved their:

  • Environmental awareness
  • Adventurousness
  • Leadership
  • Self-belief
  • Academic achievement

Demand for our programmes continues to grow. Our existing Centres at Tongariro and Great Barrier Island are booked out months in advance, and we are turning away hundreds of students who would greatly benefit from our learning approach, including those from lower socio- economic groups.

Kinloch Centre

Our Centres are stretched to the limit and demand for our programmes has grown 34% in the past six years. We are therefore looking to build a new Centre at Kinloch, Lake Taupō. This Centre will have capacity for over 4,000 students each year. An objective is to operate the Centre at ‘net zero impact’, using solar energy, wetland treatment for waste, and other environmentally sustainable components. The Centre has been granted resource consent and plans are spade-ready.

Hillary Outdoors is, in my view, one of the most worthwhile undertakings in New Zealand. – Sir Edmund Hillary

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Funding Plans

The total project cost is estimated to be $31.7m. To date we have received $3.3m for the project from the Henry Hall Trust. This includes a gift of land at Kinloch, Lake Taupō, where the Centre will be developed. As a non-profit organisation we do not reserve funds for major capital investment. We are therefore seeking external support to cover project costs.

What Will the Development Entail?

The Kinloch site, located at 261 Kinloch Road, is around 7.4ha and will accommodate up to six dorm rooms, a communal building, a classroom, a utility shed and an entrance waharoa (gateway). The dwellings will be ecologically friendly and fit within the landscape with minimised environmental effects.

The Centre will facilitate up to 75 students and staff during the week, which allows for our longer (2-5 week) programmes to be run alongside our 5-day programmes as well as provide the opportunity to cater for groups to hire part of the facilities during weekends.

In all of our programmes there will be a strong focus on the cultural landscape and sense of community. We aim to be a Centre that the Kinloch community can take pride in being involved with; continuing the values and purpose of Hillary Outdoors for more to enjoy and benefit from for many years to come.


The Kinloch site is located at 261 Kinloch Road, as shown on the map below:

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