Risk Management Training

There are risks inherent in all outdoor activities. Any leader taking groups into the outdoors needs to have strategies to identify and then manage those risks in order to provide a safe experience for the group. Hillary Outdoors offers expert instruction and training, and due to the nature of its location at the edge of Tongariro National Park, allows for a diverse range of activities and experiences.

This intense programme is suitable for any leader taking groups outdoors for activities or camps. This includes outdoor instructors, school teachers, military PTI’s, adventure tourism operators, youth workers, conservation corps tutors, scout and guide leaders etc. The programme is very comprehensive with long days spent both inside and outdoors. The level of outdoor skill and experience of participants is not important, as the focus is on the overriding risk management issues as applied to all activities and for all different types of groups, however a good level of fitness is required.

Programme aims:

  • To provide outdoor leaders with knowledge and further understanding of risk management processes.
  • To develop participant awareness of personal skill levels, limitations and the strategies required for up-skilling.
  • To increase participants ability to plan and manage outdoor activities within their own competency levels.
  • To provide participants with the opportunity to practically apply risk management principles to activities and receive feedback from their peers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Able to define various terms associated with risk management including: Risk, hazard, peril, danger, adventure, competency, crisis
  • Able to explain the value of risk in the outdoors
  • Able to explain why we need to manage risk
  • Knowledge of some risk management strategies
  • Familiar with a systems approach to risk management
  • Familiar with a model of crisis management
  • Able to prepare an Activity Management Plan form for an activity
  • Discussion and review of current practice in your workplace
  • Receive peer feedback on risk management, crisis management and leadership based on practical experience
  • Able to use the Self Assessment and Peer feedback model to give and receive feedback
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4 day course  10-14 Feb 2020 $1,050 APPLY NOW!