Macpac Hillary Challenge 6hr Medical/consent form

Macpac Hillary Challenge 6hr – School Events Medical/Consent

Please fill in this form as accurately as possible for all participants attending the event.

  • Choose the correct event/date that this medical/consent form is being filled out for.
  • Please enter the name of your school, or schools if joining with another to form a team.
  • Please enter the name of the manager accompanying your students to the event

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  • Please provide the details for all students that you are participating in the event. It is important that this is done accurately as we need to capture this information as part of our safety management system. NOTE – if you have a large number of student names to input, you can opt to ‘Save and Continue’ through the link at the bottom of this form.

    Student Name/Surname Parent phone Parent email Student year group Medical conditions Current or pre-exisiting injuries  
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  • Disclosure of risk

    The Hillary Challenge 6hr is a non-profit event organised by Hillary Outdoors Education Centres with the help of experienced outdoor staff and volunteers. Hillary Outdoors plans the event course and coordinates the entries from schools then provides event safety information to the registered teams. It also provides the staff and volunteers with generic hazard management and briefing information and the framework for scoring the challenges. Each Hillary Challenge 6hr event is slightly different in terms of its location and exact format, but the students could be involved in some, or all of the following activities – Orienteering/Rogaining, Kayaking and/or Standup paddling
    (where appropriate), Mountain biking and Problem Solving. These activities contain some element of risk. This risk is countered by comprehensive safety plans and by supervising the activities with experienced adults. It is important for safety purposes that students follow instructions given to them in any briefings and are aware of the possible risks. It should also be realised that because of the changeable and unpredictable nature of the outdoors, that the risk can never be reduced to zero. Hazards exist in these activities that may result in serious injury or even death. The types of hazards include: slippery conditions, uneven ground, heights, cold and changeable weather, high winds, hypothermia, hyperthermia, sunstroke/sunburn, dehydration, water, moving at speed e.g. when cycling and vehicle travel (to/from and around the event).
  • Acknowledgement of the risks

    It is understood that there are certain risks associated with outdoor activities in the Hillary Challenge 6hr events that cannot be reduced to zero. We know that we are able to ask any questions of Hillary Outdoors to gain a better understanding of the activities and challenges before deciding whether to take part, and that the final decision about whether to take part or not, is over to each individual. If we decide to take part, we understand that the experienced staff running the challenge will identify any hazards that are likely to arise and disclose the correct procedures to deal with these, and that it is necessary for us to follow these. If the staff have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure our safety, and we act outside of this advice, then we acknowledge that we do so at our own risk and we release Hillary Outdoors and all event staff and volunteers from liability for the consequences of our actions. It is understood that photos and/or videos may be taken of us during the event and possibly used for general promotion and in social media posts by Hillary Outdoors and event sponsors.
  • Team manager please add your name here to acknowledge that you have read and understood the risks associated with this event and that your students have been briefed on these risks prior to participation.