An exhilarating outdoor adventure event series for all ages

What is NavQuest?

NavquestNavQuest is a totally cool series of outdoor adventure events for you and your friends. Whether you are at school, a parent or just an outdoor enthusiast, just about anyone is welcome to participate. Simply take a look at the information below and complete the online registration form by clicking the adjacent button. 

The events are 3 hours in duration and are a mix between orienteering and rogaining, organised by Hillary Outdoors with the expert assistance from the local orienteering club. You and your team need to navigate to as many checkpoints as you can and make it back to the finish line in time.

There is no set order to visit the checkpoints in so as long as you have someone in your team who can at least sort of navigate, then you will be fine. You also need someone who can tell the time as you can’t afford to be late back to the finish, because as soon as the time limit is up you start getting penalised points.

We will give you a specially prepared map with all of the checkpoints marked on it and you will score points for the ones you find inside the time limit. The team with the biggest score at the end wins. There will be loads of spot prizes and giveaways, so get your team together now and start training.

Who is it for?

The NavQuest is for anyone, from year 7 to 13, but anyone younger or older can take part in an open team. You can do as many events as you like! There are some different categories that you can enter if you are at school, but anyone that doesn’t fit into these is still welcome to come along and join in the fun in the open category.

On the day

For all events registration will open at 8.30am on each day and there will be a briefing at the event HQ at 9.30am. Maps will then be issued and you will have about 20 minutes to plan where you are going to go. You will then have 3 hours (from 10.00am to 1.00pm) to find as many checkpoints as possible.

Oh, did we mention the prizes? A prize-giving will happen shortly after the finish and we give away loads of very cool spot prizes courtesy of our fantastic event sponsors (see our sponsor page).

All you need to take part is

  • A sense of adventure
  • 3 friends with a sense of adventure
  • At least one of you who can understand how to navigate using a map. GPS’s aren’t allowed!
  • At least one of you who can keep track of the time. There is a time limit you have to stick to!
  • You will all need a bit of fitness as you will be on the go for up to 3 hours
  • All of the compulsory gear is listed on the link below

Team Categories for NavQuest events

Schools: All teams need to be made up of 4 members.

  • Intermediate – you must all be in year 7 or 8 (and you can be accompanied by an adult)
  • Junior – you must all be in year 9 and 10
  • Senior – you can’t be in year 9 and 10

Open: Teams need to have 2-4 members. This category is for anyone, of any age, not in a 4-person schools team.

How much does it cost?

For the entire 3hr adventure and the chance to win some cool spot prizes it will only cost you $15 per person if you are a school student and $25 per person if you are too old to be at school and enter the open category.

Check out the results from the 2014 final here. Well done everyone!

Take a look at our Facebook page for coverage and photos of the action. You can also find photos and footage from our previous Navquest Events on our gallery and video library pages.

Compulsory Gear List

2015 Event Series Dates

The locations of the event centres will be within 60 minutes drive of the centres indicated below. Detailed information will be posted here shortly. Event results will be posted on our Facebook page the day after each event.

  • NavQuest event 1 near Rotorua on 25 May  – more information can be found here shortly
  • NavQuest event 2 near Auckland  on 8 June – more information can be found here shortly
  • NavQuest event 3 near Wellington on 15 June – more information can be found here shortly
  • NavQuest event 4 near Waikato on 22 June – more information can be found here shortly


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