Our Philosophy

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to go beyond the confines of the classroom, meeting room and boardroom to experience the outdoors in order to develop:

  • Self – Resilience, self-management and values
  • Place – Sense of place and environmental care
  • Others – Skills in leadership and working with others
  • Thinking – Problem solving and reflective practice
  • Skills – Outdoor recreation skills

Whether you are a school student, teacher, adventurer, team member or corporate employee, our philosophy to deliver these things remains the same, even if the programme or environment you participate in differs from group to group.

OPC Hillary Step 2013

Hillary Outdoors’ Mission:

Contributing positively to the life journey of young people, in the spirit of Sir Edmund Hillary, through adventure and rich outdoor learning experiences that develop care and respect for self, others and place.

We exist due to the generosity and support of our sponsors and customers, all of whom share our belief in the educational growth that can be gained through the outdoors.

Hillary Outdoors’ Values:

Being the very best you can be
Personal Integrity
(ngakau tapatahi)
Walking your talk and honouring your word – particularly during difficult and challenging times
Unconditional care, love, and respect for yourself, others and the environment