The perfect 'taster' event for any of our other adventure races - come and give it a go!

Our Macpac Rogaine events are navigation based team challenges for any students in years 9-13. Each challenge is 2-hours in duration and a mix between orienteering and rogaining. You and your team will have 120mins to navigate to 30 checkpoints, scoring points for each one you find, then try to get back to the finish on time. If you are late back, you lose points, so planning a good strategy and working together in your team is important! 

There are 6 events in the series held at venues throughout the North Island. You are more than welcome to come along to multiple events if you are keen.

The events will be suitable for all levels of experience and getting involved and participating is what it is all about. You certainly don’t need to be an elite athlete, or even an athlete at all to join in the fun.

Here's what you need to know

  • Teams are made up of 2 - 4 members from Year 9 - 13. Any mix of year 9 -13 is ok and you may register as many teams as you wish in the following categories: All Girls, All Boys, Mixed.

  • Students may enter an event in a neighbouring region if there are places available.

  • Teams have 2 hours to navigate to as many checkpoints as possible and make it back to the finish line before the clock ticks down to zero - teams that are late to the finish line get time penalties and lose precious points! The checkpoints on the course will all be optional and worth a different score based on their location and difficulty to find.

  • At least one team member needs to know how to read a map, another one needs to be able to keep track of time, and everyone will need a bit of fitness as you will be 'on the go' for up to 2 hours!

  • You will be given a specially prepared map (sometimes more than one type/style/scale) and occasionally an aerial photo as well to test your skills. All of the checkpoints will be marked on the maps for you, and the team with the biggest score at the end wins.

  • Check out the recommended gear list but as a minimum it will be compulsory to carry a cellphone and first aid kit (per team), plus food/water and clothing suitable for the conditions/environment on the day (per individual) and any medication – inhalers, bee-sting pills…etc. that you might need.

Gain school credits!

Each year we have many schools that use these events (as well as our Macpac Hillary Challenge 6-hour Adventure Races) to work various Achievement Standard into their programmes to enable their students to gain credits . These normally include:

Level 1 – 1.1 (90962), 1.5 (90966), 1.7 (90968), 1.9 (90970)

Level 2 – 2.6 (91332), 2.7 (91333)

Level 3 – 3.3 (91500)

Details for race day

The location of each event will be within 60 minutes drive of the centres indicated on the Events Calendar. Detailed information will be sent to registered teams one week before the challenge and the results will be posted on our Facebook page the following day.

Registration for all events will open at 10.00am on each day and there will be a briefing at the event HQ at 10.30am. Maps and course information will then be issued and you will have about 20 minutes to plan where you are going to go. You will then have 2 hours (from 11.00am to 1.00pm) to find as many checkpoints as possible.

Oh, did we mention the prizes? A prize-giving will happen shortly after the finish and we give away some very cool spot prizes courtesy of our fantastic event sponsors.