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Your donations would be warmly welcomed and you will find details below of different payment options, however if you need some help, get in touch. Please note that our preferred method of payment is internet banking since Hillary Outdoors will not incur a fee. If you are a interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact our Partnerships Director,  Hillary Campbell.

Donations via internet banking or credit card
Please select the size of the donation you wish to make and you will be redirected online to make payment via Payment Express. Note: if you are using the internet banking option, please use the reference ‘Donation’.

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Donations via cheque or other means
If you would like to send Hillary Outdoors a cheque or suggest another way you’d like to get your donation to us, please address your mail to address below or contact us:

Office Manager
Hillary Outdoors Education Centre
PO Box 32 482
Devonport 0744

Whether big or small, your bequest to Hillary Outdoors will be greatly appreciated. If you choose to make provision in your Will to donate to Hillary Outdoors, you can be sure that your final act of generosity will make a big difference to the lives of many New Zealanders.

You have the option in your Will to bequest a specific amount or a percentage of your estate to Hillary Outdoors. You can either leave your bequest without any strings attached (i.e. where Hillary Outdoors can freely apply the funds to areas where they are most needed) or you can specify how you would like the bequest to be used.

It is simple to make a bequest – you do not need to create a whole new Will. If you already have a Will, you can make a simple modification by adding a codicil (a codicil is a supplement to a Will that is intended to alter or modify it). We advise that your codicil is checked and approved by a legal advisor to ensure it is legal.

If you don’t have a Will, we recommend you getting one prepared by a legal professional because it is an important legal document. You can discuss options and specific wording with your legal advisor to make sure your Will reflects your wishes clearly, including any specific instructions on bequests.

You do not need to tell us that you are leaving a bequest to Hillary Outdoors, however should you choose to, we would like to ensure we thank and acknowledge your generous giving. We assure you that any bequest enquiries or communication will be treated with the strictest confidence by Hillary Outdoors. If you choose to remain anonymous, we will respect your wishes.

“Hillary Outdoors is, in my view, one of the most worthwhile undertakings in New Zealand” 

– Sir Edmund Hillary

Here are some other ways you can donate



Download this mobile app and you can make your donation anywhere, anytime.  Easy Giving do the paperwork and store your receipts, so you don’t have the hassle of filing. Plus they make it easy for you to claim your donation tax credit, without posting in a form and your receipts. Watch this overview video.

Easy Giving


Give a little_Hillary Outdoors

Visit our official charity page on Give a Little


Payroll Giving allows you to donate to Hillary Outdoors as one of the charities registered with the IRD via a direct deduction from your wages. That means you won’t need to keep receipts or wait until the end of the year to claim your tax back.

Payroll giving allows employees to ‘give as they earn’ by making donations directly from their pay to approved organisations. For every dollar an employee donates they receive a third back as a tax credit in the same pay period.

Because payroll giving is voluntary, employers have the choice of whether to offer the scheme to their employees. Donations are made through the employer’s payroll system.

Depending on how the scheme is set up, the frequency and amount of donations chosen by employees can change at the employee’s discretion.

If you’d like to make a regular donation to Hillary Outdoors via payroll giving:

  • Ask your employer (your Manager, or the Accounts/HR/Payroll dept) if they offer Payroll giving and if they do;
  • Print and complete a copy of the Payroll Giving Request Form and give it to your employer

If your employer does not offer payroll giving then don’t worry, you can still make a monthly donation via credit card or direct debit direct to us instead.  Don’t forget to file a tax return at the end of the tax year though to claim your tax credits back

For full information on Payroll Giving visit Payroll Giving for Employees

For employers

For information about setting up payroll giving in your work place, please refer to this guide

Payroll Giving for Employers

Hillary Outdoors thanks you in anticipation of your support to get young Kiwis experiencing the great outdoors via our programmes and events.