Avalanche Skills Course 1 (ASC1)

Winter recreation in the mountains is almost unbeatable for spectacular scenery, challenge and adventure, or the rejuvenating tranquility…but it comes with the inherent hazard of snow instability.

This 1-day avalanche course provides essential introductory information for backcountry users who have little avalanche awareness but require basic knowledge to help them make decisions about their personal safety when in alpine terrain.

The course provides foundation knowledge only and we recommend that course participants travel in the backcountry with experienced leaders until they have gained sufficient understanding of avalanche phenomena to make sound judgements for themselves.

BEFORE the course you must be aged 18+ years, have solid snow movement skills, and complete the Online Avalanche Training Module. The online module is COMPULSORY and will help you get the most out of your field day.

The practical field day lasts one full day and by the end of the course participants are expected to gain a general awareness of:

  • The avalanche phenomenon
  • Issues related to decision making
  • Terrain factors
  • Practical techniques for companion rescue
*Meeting point – 8:30am at the Iwikau Public Shelter, Whakapapa Ski Field, Mt Ruapehu.

*This course was previously known as 1-Day Avalanche Awareness.