Hillary Outdoors COVID-19 Safety Plan

Hillary Outdoors provides outdoor education through strengths-based programming. This means that clients may encounter situations where prolonged close contact with other people is unavoidable. This could be in accommodation venues, camping or during activity time.

Most of the Hillary Outdoors bookings are school-based, and fortunately, these bookings can be treated as their own ‘bubble’ while attending Hillary Outdoors programmes or events.

Please read the current Hillary Outdoors Covid-19 Safety and Response Plan


Hillary Outdoors is open for clients to attend their programme bookings. Should there be an event that would prevent students from attending Hillary Outdoors, we will offer to rebook the outdoor education programme within one calendar year of the postponement. Where possible, we will attempt to reschedule before the end of the calendar year, however this may not be possible depending on how many schools require a postponement and how your school schedules your outdoor education experience.

All clients are advised of the Ministry of Health guidance to stay at home for five days if you’re unwell or have tested positive for Covid-19, and should note the following: 

Hillary Outdoors programmes, facilities and vehicles are closed to staff and clients if:

  • They are unwell – even if symptoms are mild, or
  • They have Covid-19.

Even though processes are in place to minimise the spread of the Covid-19 virus, it may happen that a person presents with symptoms of Covid-19 while at a facility or event.


Hillary Outdoors staff will monitor for signs of:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing and runny noses
  • Shortness of breath

Everybody is reminded to report any symptoms of:

  • Fever or chills
  • Sore throats
  • Temporary loss of smell

If any person feels they have, or observes others with, symptoms of Covid-19 they should be given a RAT test to complete as soon as possible.


During this process the person will be distanced and given a RAT test to complete. Parents or guardians will be notified and continually informed of the process being undertaken.


If a person is advised to undergo a Covid-19 test, they will be advised on the best place to have this done and must stay distanced until a test result is returned. If a positive test result is returned, then the person needs to remain separate from the main group.


White the mandate has been lifted for isolation periods, it is Hillary Outdoors’ preference that anyone presenting with an illness, including Covid-19, does not participate in programmes.

For further guidance or current information please refer to:




Or contact the Hillary Outdoors bookings team with any further queries.

Phone 0800 688843, or

For Tongariro and Great Barrier Island email: bookings@hillaryoutdoors.co.nz

For Events email: darrena@hillaryoutdoors.co.nz