Hillary Outdoors COVID-19 Safety Plan

Hillary Outdoors provides outdoor education through strengths-based programming. This means that clients may encounter situations where prolonged close contact with other people is unavoidable. This could be in accommodation venues, camping or during activity time.

Most of the Hillary Outdoors bookings are school-based, and fortunately, these bookings can be treated as their own ‘bubble’ while attending Hillary Outdoors programmes or events.

Please read the current Hillary Outdoors Covid-19 Safety and Response Plan

Information on the Covid-19 Protection Framework (traffic lights) can be found here.

IMPORTANT information

Hillary Outdoors will continue to operate under all traffic light settings of the Covid Protection Framework. Should there be an event that would prevent students from attending Hillary Outdoors, we will offer the outdoor education programme within one calendar year of the postponement. Where possible, we will attempt to reschedule before the end of the calendar year, however this may not be possible depending on how many schools require a postponement and how your school schedules your outdoor education experience.

It is the responsibility of the client or a guardian to check the places of interest list prior to attending Hillary Outdoors. This check should be current to the day the course starts, check here.

All clients are advised of the government guideline ‘if you’re sick, stay at home’ and should note the following:

Hillary Outdoors programmes, facilities and vehicles are closed to all staff and clients if:

  • They are unwell – even if symptoms are mild
  • They, or a household member, are in isolation
  • They have been in close contact with someone confirmed with, or waiting to be confirmed, with Covid-19 in the last 14 days
  • They have been confirmed with Covid-19.

The following is a list of criteria or steps that Hillary Outdoors takes to ensure that it is meeting guidance from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health as a provider of outdoor education programmes and events to both Primary School and Secondary School groups and teams.

Regardless of the Protection Framework level, Hillary Outdoors will endorse and make available equipment for staff and clients to follow the steps for managing the spread of Covid-19. These include wiring a mask indoors and in vehicles, hand washing, coughing or sneezing into your elbow, physical distancing, and cleaning surfaces.

Even though processes are in place to minimise the spread of the Covid-19 virus, it may happen that a person presents with symptoms of Covid-19 while at a facility or event.


Hillary Outdoors staff will monitor for signs of:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing and runny nose
  • Shortness of breath

Everybody is reminded to report any symptoms of:

  • Fever or chills
  • Sore throat
  • Temporary loss of smell

If any person feels they have, or observes others with, symptoms of Covid-19 they must be isolated and assessed as soon as possible.

An observation may occur while during activity time so the person must remain as distanced and isolated as is practicable during the time taken to get to a formal isolation space.


During this process the person will be isolated.

The assessment needs to include contact with the Covid-19 hotline, 0800 358 5453, who will provide guidance on further management of the person, ongoing care, testing, and what to do with other contacts.

Parents or guardians will be notified and continually informed of the process being undertaken.

All equipment and facility that the person came in contact with will be shut and cleaned following guidance by Healthline.


If a person is advised to undergo a Covid-19 test, they will be advised on the best place to have this done and must stay isolated until a test result is returned. If a positive test result is returned, then the person needs to remain in isolation.


Hillary Outdoors will work with the client group and the parents/guardians on the best process to allow for the person to remain isolated. This will follow all guidance provided by healthcare professionals. This may involve the ill person being transported to a different location.

For further guidance or current information please refer to:




Or contact the Hillary Outdoors bookings team with any further queries.

Phone 0800 688843, or

For Tongariro email: bookings@hillaryoutdoors.co.nz

For Great Barrier email: bookingsGBI@hillaryoutdoors.co.nz 

For Events email: darrena@hillaryoutdoors.co.nz