Hillary Outdoors Coromandel

Let us introduce you to our Marine & Conservation Centre


The Centre is set amongst 340ha of native bush along the Hauraki Gulf on the Coromandel Peninsula.

242ha of the land is protected under the QEII Conservation Trust. Rigorous conservation efforts have brought back the call of native birds, and kiwis freely roam the property.

While remote, the Centre is only 3.5 hours from Auckland.


The Centre can accommodate 60 overnight participants weekly.


Programmes at Hillary Outdoors Coromandel are tailored. We use experiential education, outdoor adventure, community immersion, and communal living to engage with participants and develop experiences that include teamwork, problem-solving, and physically and mentally challenging activities. Individuals work together in teams to explore the marine and bush environment and learn skills such as waka ama, coasteering, bush skills and conservation.


Experiential Learning in Unique Environments: Our Coromandel Centre will immerse students in hands-on learning experiences covering various marine and land-based activities and conservation efforts.

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship: At Hillary Outdoors Coromandel, we are dedicated to protecting and preserving the unique ecosystems of the Coromandel Peninsula. Our programmes will emphasise sustainability and conservation, instilling a deep respect for our natural environment.

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  • We have taught outdoor skills and personal development since 1972, and our instructors are highly qualified, caring, and committed.
  • Hillary Outdoors is a New Zealand leader in outdoor risk management; safety is paramount and all risks clients are exposed to while at Hillary Outdoors are consistently and carefully analysed and managed
  • Tailor-made programmes defined in consultation with the Hillary Outdoors Team that can include specific adventures providing context to focus areas, key competencies, learning outcomes, and more…
  • As a registered educational establishment, Hillary Outdoors can also help deliver Unit Standards and Achievement Standards to Year 11 – 13 students during their time with us
  • This is a proven and impactful programme – in just 5 days students grow, develop, and learn new things about themselves, with numerous schools telling us of the positive change in their students on return to the classroom.

Where is the Coromandel Centre? 

In the beautiful Port Charles (1299 Port Charles Road, Port Charles 3584) on the Coromandel Peninsula. 

When will the Centre open? 

Our first clients will arrive on the 12th of January, 2025. We can’t wait! 

What safety measures are in place for participants? 

Safety is priority.  

We have a comprehensive safety management system in place at Tongariro, and this high standard will be implemented at Hillary Outdoors Coromandel, along with our three-tiered safety system.  

We will have qualified instructors, well-maintained equipment, and strict safety standards for all activities. More information on our safety standards can be found here: https://www.hillaryoutdoors.co.nz/safety/ 

What age groups are programmes offered to? 

Programmes are available for participants from year 7 upwards. We can also provide programmes for groups of adults. 

When will teachers/trip organisers be able to do site visits prior to their school/ group attending? 

Term 4, 2024. Please contact Chloe Beer chloeb@hillaryoutdoors.co.nz to express interest in a site visit and she can arrange this with one of our staff. 

What types of programmes are offered at the Coromandel Centre? 

We offer multi-day, multi-week and multi-year programmes. Typically, our multi-day programmes span over 5 days and our multi-week programmes continue for 5 weeks. Multi-year programmes see the same participants return annually to amplify youth development outcomes. 

Programmes are bespoke and our team develop programmes to meet a groups’ learning outcomes. Contact Chloe Beer chloeb@hillaryoutdoors.co.nz to inquire about programmes. 

More information can be found on both programmes below: https://www.hillaryoutdoors.co.nz/5-day-school-group-programme/ 

What activities are available? 

Our programmes are bespoke. Our team will work with you to develop a programme that meets yours and your ākonga’s needs. 

We facilitate activities such as sea kayaking, surf kayaking, snorkelling, coasteering, environmental conservation projects, team-building exercises, tramping, camp craft, and overnight expeditions, to provide opportunities for transformative youth development. 
Activity Booklet – Coming Soon

What does the programme cost? 

Costs will vary depending on the length and type of programme. Quotes will be made specifically for each enquiry.  

To make an enquiry or booking, email Chloe Beer chloeb@hillaryoutdoors.co.nz with the following info and she will send you a quote; 

  • School/ Group/ Organisation name 
  • Number of participants 
  • Number of adults 
  • Preference of dates or which term/ time of the year 
  • Please include that this is an enquiry for the Coromandel Centre. Chloe can also book groups into our Tongariro Centre. 

How can I book a programme for my school/ group/ as an individual? 

Email Chloe Beer chloeb@hillaryoutdoors.co.nz with the following details; 

  • School/ Group/ Organisation name 
  • Number of participants – youth or adults 
  • Number of accompanying adults 
  • Preference of dates or which term/ time of the year 
  • Please include that your inquiry is for the Coromandel Centre. Chloe also books groups into our Tongariro Centre.  

Individual bookings – Check out our Holiday Action Challenge, Leadership and Duke of Ed Programmes https://www.hillaryoutdoors.co.nz/holiday-programmes/ 

Do I need any prior experience to join the programmes? 

No, our programmes are an awesome opportunity to learn about your strengths, work with others, learn outdoor skills and put them to use in a safe, supported and fun way.  

We encourage you to come with an open mind and willingness to give the challenges a go.  

Your instructors will work with your group to give you opportunities to learn, go out of your comfort zone, recognise your strengths and work with your team to overcome challenges together. 

We will push you, if it were easy, it would be boring. We want you to realise how capable you are. We want you to be successful and have fun!   

Since 1972, Hillary Outdoors has worked on the philosophy that all youth, regardless of their finances or ability, should have equal opportunity to enhance their lives through outdoor education.

The Hillary Step Scholarship (HSS) programme helps make that happen for rangatahi and subsequently whānau and hapori by awarding Scholarships to help cover the cost of Hillary Outdoors programmes.

Thanks to our incredible community of Funders, we have overcome financial inequities and empowered thousands of rangatahi from across Aotearoa to have life changing experiences through outdoor and adventure education.

For more information about the Hillary Step Scholarship programme and other funding opportunities, check out our Funding Information Pack for schools, groups, organisations and individuals.

Note: You must have a confirmed booking with Hillary Outdoors to be eligible for a HSS.