Hillary Outdoors offers top-class Tertiary study

Did you know Hillary Outdoors is the only New Zealand provider of Tertiary Outdoor Education programmes that has 100% of our courses on-site at an Outdoor Education facility?

Immediately practicing what has been learnt in the classroom is invaluable at cementing the lesson just received, helping all types of learners achieve.

Aside from hosting our Tertiary programmes on-site, we also have a full-time, dedicated Tertiary Manager to oversee our Diploma and Certificate programmes, assuring all of our Tertiary students receive the support and resources required to succeed.

Having Sash onboard (our Tertiary Manager) has seen the Hillary Outdoors Tertiary programme grow and achieve.  From initially only having 20 Tertiary spots available annually, we are proud to host 30 full-time Tertiary students at Hillary Outdoors in 2023.  All of this is thanks to some incredible work behind the scenes from Hillary Outdoors staff to ensure compliance with strict requirements and audits.  We cannot wait to grow our Tertiary programme further and get more students set up for a career in the great outdoors.